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What began as a childhood dream to do such a journey is finally about to take shape. Over the next few months starting mid-April 2008, come join me in a motorcycle adventure from my southern French village of Gattières (near Nice), via the Silkroad across Central Asia to my childhood hometown of Segamat, Malaysia for the 1st leg, and then to Melbourne Australia for the 2nd. leg.

This journey will take me across 22 countries and clock-up approx. 35000km on my bike. The route planning is fairly flexible, without any specific schedule of must see places or km per day – if only to keep an eye on visas entry validity to a few countries and a target date to arrive in Malaysia by mid-July. The purpose of this site is to keep in touch as often as possible with family members, friends and supporters. And where possible to update travel tales & photos, upload a video or two of places and people I happen to have a chance to meet and see.

Join me here and out there !

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  1. Hey Sheen, this time you don’t have to pedal 😉 but this is a great adventure. I’ll follow you all the way long !

  2. Hi Almighty Sheen, What’s a great dream. Soon it will be a reality. Have a safe journey. mate. I will be awaiting your arrival in Melbourne. Bon Voyage.

  3. Hi Sheen. Good luck! I’m jealous. At least you have the nerve to turn your dream into reality! I’d buy a pillow for that seat though…………..

  4. Massimo from SBM10 April 2008 à 2:26 pm

    Hi Sheen, great trip planned (like in the movie “the long way round”). i might do something similar at some stage. good luck. i will keep an eye on your web site (that by the way is very well done).

  5. Andrea from SBM10 April 2008 à 3:04 pm

    Hello Sheen,
    It’s a pleasure to know people like you who are not afraid of turning their dreams into reality. Together with Ghislain we wish you good luck for your trip – sure it will be a wonderful adventure.
    You can also be really proud of your family being so supportive.
    So, All the bests and see you next time for some red meat at the Santa Cruz, hopefully your SBM lunch tickets will still be valid!

  6. bonne chance pour la route

    on regardera le blog souvent pour etre au courant de cette aventure

  7. Good luck my Friend and enjoy your trip ! Shall you pass by Vientiane penses à moi alright ? 😉

    Take care.

  8. Hi Sheen

    Well, this is the D-day !!!
    Best wishes for this trip and enjoy !


  9. Semoga berjaya!

    J’ai traverse ton pays l’an dernier lors de mon voyage a velo qui ma mene de Marseille a Singapoure, j’ai meme celebre pendant une semaine le nouvel chinois chez mes amis malay-chinois ( MBC ) a cote de Melaka .
    Et la Malaysie fait partie des pays ou je retournerai, au moins sur Borneo .
    Bonne route, je te suivrai .

    Laurent .

  10. Hello Sheen,

    When times got tough on the road just remember, millionaire Steven Fossett hot-air balloonist, even with the state of art navigation equipment, had to abort numerous times before he finally accomplished his solo flight around the world in 2002.

    My Nepali friend offers you a reception and helping hand (should you need any) if you are in her neighborhood.

    I wish you a safe and smooth journey all the way to your final destination.

    Cheng Lee

  11. That’s my brother ….. Sheen, I’m so proud of you. Take care, we will pray for your safety and just enjoy your adventure. We will see you when you arrive in Melbourne.

  12. Sandra+Nathan+Laurent11 April 2008 à 2:18 am

    Hi Sheen,
    Congratulations for turning this great project into reallity!
    We wish you all the best for your trip and hope to see you safe and happy when you arive in KL.

  13. I will be leaving Malaysia in a few weeks but I will try to make it back just in time to welcome our LSU Champ. I will follow you on your journey thru your beautiful blog whenever and wherever I am. Love all the photos especially the balancing act. I wonder whether you have my favourite fruit over there…
    I know you can make it, Sheen
    Good Luck, Take care and
    GO FOR IT!


  14. This takes a lot of courage Sheen. I wish you all the best in your fantastic adventure. Stay safe.

  15. Hi Sheen

    Thats some route I only ever manage the plane with the odd risky boat trip.

    Have a great trip and good luck.

    Dave S

  16. annie jeanmichel erwan gwen11 April 2008 à 7:30 pm

    sheen et lydia bonne route pour demain, nous penserons bien a vous .profitez bien de ce voyage et ne vous inquiettez pas pour vos enfants nous serons la en cas de besoin bises

  17. C’est le grand jour ! Bonne route à vous deux ! Que ce périple soit passionnant…! BIG BIZZZ – M-Laure Laura et Alex

  18. Bonjour les aventuriers !

    Comment s` est passee cette premiere journee ?

    Je vous souhaite bonne route et beaucoup de plaisir.

    Un reve qui se realise pour Sheen.

    Je vous embrasse et prenez bien soin de vous.

  19. C’est parti Sheen, du rêve à la réalité.Felicitations…
    Une belle aventure que je vais suivre avec interêt !
    Une grosse bise a tous les deux…

  20. Salut!

    ca fait plaisir d’avoir de tes nouvelles.

    Il y en a qui on la belle vie.

    J’espere que cette aventure se passera bien.

    Moi toujours au boulot!!!



    (Merci d’avoir fait ton blog avec une version francaise!!)

  21. Awesome….. That’s all i can say. Just remember that there is a Almighty One watching over you. So have fun and we will pray for your safety.

  22. Selamat Jalan!! As they/we say it Malaysia. Make sure you drop by at my place and have something to eat before you continue your jorney.
    Os Rad

  23. Selamat Jalan!! As they/we say it Malaysia.
    Make sure you drop by at my place and have something to eat before you continue your jorney.
    Os Rad

  24. Hello Sheen,
    I wish you all the best on your trip and
    allways a hand’s breadth water under the keel.
    Come back healthy.

  25. Hope things are going well for you sheen best of luck and take care.
    John & Jim

  26. annie jeanmichel erwan gwen15 April 2008 à 1:13 pm

    salut tous les deux,
    deja en direction de la hongrie…quelle chance je vous envie
    prenez pleins de photos
    gem va bien il joue au ping pong avec les garcons
    bonne route

  27. ohh mais tout le monde écrit en Anglais ici ?? et ben moi non…
    Bon vent ! bonne route !
    A bientôt
    Cécilia & Pierre

  28. bonjour Sheen et Lydia grosse bisse de gattieres. Tout les jour je vous suis et ca donne envie d etre avec vous 2! bonne route !Graziella

  29. salut que d beaux paysages bisous graziella

  30. hi sheen!thats life,enjoy ur life to the fullest,have a safe journey home.regards from susan too.take care.

  31. bonjour de graziella, anna, sonia et sharleen.
    Pas de nouvelles photos depuis 2 jours. Vous êtes en panne ou quoi?!
    Lydia, n’écoute pas Graziella, tu vas avoir des fesses en béton. D’ailleurs il est temps que tu reviennes, Marveen semble t’attendre.
    Continuez bien votre route et à bientôt pour des nouvelles fraîches.

  32. Hi Uncle Sheen,

    I’m seriously supprised to hear that you’re travelling across over 22 contries to come to Malaysia,realising your dream. I’m proud to have a uncle like you. In the meantime, I shall constantly pray for your safety along your trip to reach here and will update myself in reading your latest journey articles. Good luck and I’m looking forward to seeing you again.

  33. coucou c nico jte fais de gros bisous jespere ke vs vs amusez bien reviends ns entiere lol en tous cas votre site est pas mal bonne continuation bis..

  34. Steve Chin from Singapore26 April 2008 à 5:08 am

    hi Sheen,

    There is this saying: ‘You will need to make many turns and overcome many obstacles to create the path you Desire.” All the best and stay safe. Take your time to enjoy the world. Just remember that when you reached Singapore, you will be welcomed with open arms.
    -Steve, Sheryl, Andrea, Darryl & Amanda

  35. Hi Sheen,

    Good to speak with you yesterday. Now that you are travelling alone, you have to be extra careful and take it slow, ok? Remember this adventure is supposed to be flexible. Again, I can confidently say that the Kua family is very proud of you! Bravo my brother!!!!

  36. Sheen,
    You have great picture’s taken .They are beautiful and wish you the best for the remaining journey. see you soon in Malaysia….

  37. Hello Sheen,

    Looks like you are having the most wonderful adventure and your photos tell all!!!
    Keep safe , have fun and remember we are keeping the nems and laksa hot for your return.


  38. hi from the toh family, dont foget to bring home camel head, all the best,I’m here with billy at marcus’s place,nice scene,wish you all the best,hope to see you soon from all of us.

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