Just about to go…

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Current location : Gattières (Google Map)
Last entry date : 11 April 2008

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Just when its almost time to go …… the non surprise is we’re not quite ready to go. The rain clouds came in and stayed for last 2 days which gave a great excuse why we should not go yet. Its not much fun getting wet in brand new riding gears. Will be a shame if these kissed the tarmac right at the start. The surprise was the left pannier support plate began to show signs of fatigue from my over eager racheting. Another excuse for not going yet. No problem, called in my pal Eric who came with his foundry equipment, straightened and welded it up in no time, all on his own time. That’s what friends are for.

Waiting on the sunshine tomorrow. If you see a heavy looking bike slow going on the truckers’ lane slowing down the trucks on the A8 highway, that may just be us. Direction Italy.

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  1. Leo F. Buscaglia (1924-1998)

    “Life is uncharted territory. It reveals its story one moment at a time.”

    So enrich us all thro’out the journey and take good care of yourself & Lydia …..


  2. Dear Sheen, Have a save trip. Take care of yourselves and enjoy the journey of a life time. ….. Best Wishes from Mary, Joe, Ivanna and Justine. 12/4/2008.

  3. don’t worry here everything is going well! cann’t wait to go to Malaysia ^^ have a nice trip in Slovenia
    take care

  4. Coucou les amoureux!!!
    je suis contente de voir que tout se passe bien!
    ce site est super bien fait!
    j’espere que vous en profitez bien je vous envoie de gros bisous!
    Ps: pas trop mal aux fesses sur la moto???

  5. Coucou les voyageurs! Enfin le reve demarre! ahhhh ca fait envie hein!
    Profitez bien de tout
    gros bisous!

  6. Your journey has inspired me to overcome all kinds of obstacles in life


  7. Hi Bro, you really inspire me that everything is possible if you set your mind to it. I am really proud of you!!! Travel safe and love from all of us. See you in Malaysia.

  8. Hi Sheen,

    Very nice photos, take care see you soon at Malaysia.

  9. hello sheen.je suis ton périple avec beaucoup d’envies.Les photos que tu nous fais parvenir nous font rêver.Alors profitte bien de ton périple et mémorise toutes ces merveilles et tes rencontres:tu nous raconteras.

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