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Current location : Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia (Google map)
Last entry date : 14 April 2008

Here we come, Slovenia

Once more we headed off towards Slovenia late in the morning. We had for company trucks upon trucks heading to the port of Trieste, Italy. Everyone was in hurry, of course.

This is the 1st time we’re setting our feet in this country. The meat pie at the 1st highway filling station tasted so good. I asked for a cup of tea and the waitress took out 9 different tea packets and asked which one I prefer. So many choices available at a filling station, wow ! They even had a money machine at this station. It was time to check the bike before deciding what to do with Slovenia. A quick motor oil check and some oil spray to the chain turned out that’s about all the maintenance needed to be done today.

We decided to skip the capital Ljubljana and leave it for “next time” and head north towards Hungary till our bumps had enough of sitting. At 18.00hrs, 33km before the city of Moribor, we parked into a highway cafeteria to relieve our sore bumps and stiff legs. That’s when we learned that Hotel Leornardo in the town of Slovenska Bistrica is the place for a good sleep. Its hard to have met another hotel person as friendly and helpful as Mr Janko. This is a one man show. No only does he provide free wi-fi internet connections, he even allowed my “horse” to be parked in one of their storeroom. And he brings the hairdryer to the room and serves us beer at dinner time. An unsung hero.

9 Responses to « Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia : Dobro Dosli V Sloveniji »

  1. It’s been awhile ….. sure glad to hear from you. Looking good the both of you.
    Take care.

  2. I wish I could eat some of that food. It looks delicious.

    enter Teresa

  3. Salut sheen&lydia.
    c’est super de pouvoir faire un aussi beau voyage par procuration grace à vous. Bonne route, je vais suivre vos aventures et ça ne fait que commencer.

  4. hi u there,

    Thank u so much for willing to share this beautiful adventure with us. 2 both of u we wish an excellent journey and take a very good care.
    warmest regards & all the best. BON VOYAGE

    jacinta, patrick & dylann

  5. ouère iz the french version??? i am dépassède…

  6. ouère iz the french version??? i am dépassède…

    Elle arrive ! C’est le décalage horaire (et un petit peu le temps pour s’en occuper aussi 😉 )

    . Pierrot . the french webmaster

  7. Sheen & Lydia,

    Dont know much about the geography of Europe but seems like you are going really fast. At the current speed you may reach China a week or so?
    I see your journey line is going through Acheh, North Sumatra. This Acheh area is really a separatist area with bad security. I think you should just skip Acheh and start from the city of Medan, a bit south. Nothing much to see in Acheh really, unless you want to see the destruction of tsunami there.

  8. Hi Sheen & Lydia,

    Looks like you guys are really having fun and enjoy the ride. Having a sore bump yet? Surely enjoy the updates and photos. Take care, mate.

  9. Hi Sheen , Still following your great progress.
    Food doesnt look too bad,, weather at times could be better, the meals look simply delicious and the friends you have made are priceless.
    I am just so envious and wish you all the best as we all say here ‘bon continuation’ Suannie

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