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Current Location : Budapest, Hungary (Google map)
Last entry date : 18 April 2008

Mustard plant in flower as far as the eye can see

When we left Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenia late that morning, the plan of the day was to make an easy cruise of 100 km via the national road to Lenti on the Hungarian side of the border. This is the shortest route on the map. From there on only 3 hours ride into Budapest. Wrong. What we did not know was that trucks by the hundreds were also taking this national road. And on both sides too. The missing stretch of highway between both countries is under construction.

It was snail pace day. Huge traffic jams built up along the way in small towns. Even on a bike, its hard to squeeze between the trucks coming and going. The economy must be doing very well in this region. Its here too that we got our first big share of rain, cold and crosswind. While I would have liked to get to somewhere along the coast of Lake Balaton (the largest freshwater lake in Central Europe), we turned into Nagykanizsa for the day at 18.00hrs to look for a place to sleep. The sun does not set till 19.00hrs. The cook at the Hotel Koenig Panzio recommended and brought out the best Hungurian Goulash soup.

The big surprise to me is that Hungary is using its Forint currency. The hotel, gas stations and business do take Euros so we end up having another set of currency in the pocket. So simple with Euro and wonderful to have no border guards at EU borders.

Its been a few days that I’ve not been too comfortable due to the fact that I forgot to bring my 2nd set of keys for the trip (yes, yes, I’m embarrassed to say) !! The next morning we went in the city of Nagykanizsa to see if we can get these done. The problem with travelling in a foreign country is the communication. We usually end up speaking in sign language and everyone ended up laughing which is great. Must be our lucky day as we met Cornelius. He patiently took his time to bring us to a 2nd shopping centre to have the main key made as the the 1st key kiosk cut did not work. This young chap Cornelius was very friendly. Worst, after spending an hour to help us get the keys made, Cornelius refused even a drink as he said his mother is waiting for him to get back for lunch. Our Hungarian hero. And the same feeling we found when we interacted with the locals.

We got into Budapest on the Wed evening after battling headwinds and crosswinds out in the countryside. We saw vast farmlands and beautiful fields of mustard plants with yellow blooming flowers along the way. Once arrived in Budapest, wished I had some budget hotel address, but I didn’t (yes, yes, I should). It took a couple of hours of frantic asking and searching before we landed in Mr Peter’s 2* hotel, nearby the city centre. Excellent place with parking and internet for the price. For that reason we decided to stay another night so we can enjoy the city. Its a shame to see such a beautiful city on the run.

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  1. Siew Hoon & Victoria18 April 2008 à 12:46 pm

    Hi-Sheen & Lydia,
    Thanks for the beautiful photos & discriptions of your travels.
    Take care,
    Siew Hoon.

  2. Carole Bondon-Hope18 April 2008 à 10:07 pm

    Hello Lydia and Sheen,

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful adventure with us . I must say I am now looking forward to your news, stories and photos. Your pictures of Venice and Hungary are glorious. It is also touching to notice that along the way, one will find helpful and friendly souls, who will go out of their way to help you out.
    Take good care of yourselves and God bless,

    Carole BH

  3. Hi there,

    Nice PICs ….. very useful info ….. and glad you two are enjoying along the way.


  4. Nice landscape. By the way, you both look great.


  5. Nice photos and interesting journey. But the yellow plant isn’t mustard, it’s canola.
    rozsagab from Nagykanizsa

  6. Hello Rozsagab,

    Ooops … I understand Canola is part of the mustard family of plants. Its so beautiful when you have these fields in sight in Nagykanizsa. Its a favourite photo of ours.

    Sheen, who is on the way to Brasov Romania today

  7. Jo napot Sheen,
    Hope the people in Hungary will continue to be helpful. Enjoy the ride.

  8. cette photo est tres belle c’est notre préférée pour l’instant!! hate de vous avoir ce soir, soyez prudents, plein plein de bisouus!!
    take care

  9. annie jeanmichel erwan gwen19 April 2008 à 1:13 pm

    que d beaux paysages, continuez a nous faire rever
    j espere que vous aurez meilleur temps

  10. Nous venons seulement de nous connecter à votre site et vous êtes dejà en Hongrie,les photos sont superbes.Le voyage a l’air de bien se dérouler.Nous vous faisons de gros bisous et à bientôt.

  11. Chers Lydia et Sheen, c’est un réel plaisir de découvrir vos étapes au fil des jours, et de voir que tout se passe bien…à part la météo peut-être; mais il doit bien y avoir un dicton qui dit:”début de voyage pluvieux = voyage heureux!” non ? Et bien voila maintenant c’est fait, le dicton existe. J’avoue que je me verrais bien rouler derrière vous au guidon de ma moto (mais sans les bagages!). Non Lydia ne te retourne pas et rassure toi, malheureusement je n’y suis pas. Et au fait la rentrée pour toi, c’est pas Lundi ?!? Hihihi!!… Ce qui est bien avec internet, c’est que l’on peut taquiner les ami(e)s, même quand ils sont loins.
    Laura et Alexandra se joignent à moi pour vous souhaiter une excellente continuation. WE WISH YOU TO RIDE SAFE AND UNDER THE SUNSHINE….IT WILL BE MORE PLEASANT…Also for the pictures !!!! SEE you soon.

  12. Ca fait trés plaisir de vous voir sur ces photos ! Jspr que vous allez bien ! Ne vous inquitez pas , je m’occupe de Pearl , tout ira bien ! je plaisante ! Jspr que le voyage se passe bien , malgré le mauvais temps ! Bon voyage et profitez bien ! A bientot…

  13. Lyly and Sheeshee! J’ai enfin réussi à comprendre comment on mettait un commentaire! Juste pour vous dire que je suis vraiment contente pour vous et fière de me dire que les parents de ma meilleure amie sont aussi courageux et passionés! I hope everything’s fine, don’t worry I’m looking after Jude but she’s taking care of her brother and her sister.
    Gros bibi d’amour pour tous les deux, faites attention à vous. A trés vite! lora.

  14. hey!!!
    jespere que vous aller bi1!
    nous on pense fort a vous
    gros bisxxx a ma marraine!!!

  15. Sheen mate,

    Your bike looks VERY heavily laden, jeeez 😉 Hope the rear shock will do the business, fingers crossed!

  16. Hello all and Bjorn,

    The rear shock passed the test, even when it hit the bottom a few times out in the backroads of Romania and Bulgaria. Got into Istanbul at 2200 hrs yesterday. Will update soon.


  17. we want updatesss

  18. Impressive !!!TURKEY!!! Looking forward for more …..


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