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Current Location : Istanbul, Turkey (Google map)
Last entry date : 23 April 2008

Wet day near Carpathian mountain range

One of the good thing about not having a travel plan is that you can make up a “plan” just by looking at the map the night before or right before the day’s ride. We had not done much research either about roads, towns and places to sleep along the way. Would have been ideal, but we did not. On the wish list was a visit to Dracula’s castle along the way near Bran, Transylvania province in rural Romania.

Its simply difficult to travel fast across Romania. The national roads we took were in a bad shape. We dodged potholes and traveled through a number of uncompleted and unattended road works. As we traveled to Brasov towards Dracula’s castle, the bike suspension hit the bottom on a few occasions at low speed. Very bad for the bike. Luckily no punctures occurred. In Romania, the roads take us into small villages with houses on both sides of the street. Unlike Hungary, we saw smaller plots of farmlands and there are horses seen grazing the farmlands out in the countryside. Horse carts are also common there. The people are helpful whenever we asked for directions. If only we could communicate better with them.

We met our big riding challenge when the it rained for most of the 2nd day. We caught thunderstorm, cold weather and strong crosswind outside the town of Alba Lulia. Despite having good waterproof gear protection, we were soaked when we got into a roadside hotel that evening. The hotel receptionist later told us we were on the wrong road. We must have been quite shaken by the storm. The heater in the hotel room was not functioning properly to dry our wet clothes, but who’s complaining when the local Romanian dinner served was excellent.

The Romanian ride continued into an unexpected 3rd day and we finally arrived early afternoon at Dracula’s castle. Many Romanians were visiting the castle as well as a number of foreign tourists who drove here. Its a nice charming small castle. At 1600hrs we sped away towards Bucharest as we did not wish to be caught by nightfall in Dracula’s country. We managed that evening to go around Bucharest city but strangely enough there was no hotel, at least not along the ring road where we were on. No choice but to continue on the dark road with truck drivers who are in a hurry speeding towards Bulgaria. We turned into the first hotel we saw 20km before the Bulgarian border just before 2100hrs. Never mind the number of stars it had. It did have a few stars too many.

8 Responses to « Bine Ati Venit to Roumania »

  1. Beautiful Sceneries ….. keep it up

  2. Hi Sheen and Lydia,

    Turkey. As planned you two will soon be separated momentarily. Well, for at least till Sheen gets to Malaysia. I can almost hear the violin playing, mates. :C hehehehe….

    Further on Middle East for the brave. Would be interesting to see an entirely different cultural and historical landscapes.

    May the force be with you, mate.

  3. annie jeanmichel erwan gwen24 April 2008 à 4:33 pm

    je continue de voyager avec vous avec plaisir et surtout de rever. les photos sont magnifiques. profitez bien des derniers moments ensemble en turquie….bisous

  4. Oh c’est beauuu 🙂
    On est fier de vous et de vous avoir comme parents !
    gros bisous

  5. Siew Hoon & Victoria24 April 2008 à 5:09 pm

    Again, beautiful photos & interesting news.
    Take care.

  6. I’m speechless. Should I look out for two bats when you are about to arrive in K.L.? Just kidding. What a hair raising experience.


  7. Hey those following this site, got my Iran visa today at Istanbul !! Lydia is flying back tomorrow and after that I head to Ankara.


  8. My son says you look like soldiers, ha,ha,ha…
    It sounds like your real adventure is about to begin.
    Take care of youself.
    Au revoir, Lydia!


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