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Current Location : Istanbul, Turkey (Google map)
Last entry date : 26 April 2008

On the hills between Veliko Turnovo and Nova Zagora

Glasses off, helmets off and the Roumanians customs waved us into Bulgaria. They even joked that we’re disguised as Sarkozy and Carla Bruni on a private visit to Bulgaria. No problem at checkpoint. No currency exchange boot either at the border. So we continued on taking the 1st national road we saw.

Unlike Roumania, the Bulgarian national roads take us right into the countryside and away from towns or villages. Therefore we did not get to see much of these but saw the vast agricultural farmlands on both sides of the roads. And these goes on for km and km. It was later when we wanted to buy some food at one of the few petrol stations along the way that we found out that the Euro was not accepted. A small detour and guessing at signs written in Russian cyrillic characters we went into town to have some money changed. Glad we did as we require the Bulgarian Leva for food and petrol.

The roads here are reasonably in good condition but we did passed through some bad patches of roads. For the 1st time, Lydia had to come down from the bike while I avoided the uneven surface or potholes. And this time we started looking for hotel early in the evening. There was a beautiful hotel out in the country at Euro 25.00 per night but it had no internet link up, so we continued on another 15km into Nova Zagora. A young boy on his scooter spontaneously guided us to the city centre hotel. We were happy we got there and discovered this charming town that day.

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  1. Siew Hoon & Victoria27 April 2008 à 9:53 am

    We will be thinking of you as you further your journey. Take care! Hope that Lydia has a nice flight back home. I am now in Amsterdam as Victoria will be leaving for Guatemala tomorrow. Nice weather here, plenty of sunshine and quite warm! Bye

  2. Hi Dad, see you tonight on Skype 🙂 I hope you’re doing well. Love

  3. Hi Sheen,

    You are on you own now, take your time ok!

    Victoria …. take care of youself in Guatemala


  4. Hello Sheen ,
    some wrote that you are now like Luky luke: “a poor lonesome cow-boy “. Indeed, it is true that your copilot of charm is not physically any more just behind you, to warm your body and…. But don’t worry , be an happy Lucky Rider, because you are not alone: WE ARE ALL WITH YOU…. and you are not so poor, because YOU ARE RICH OF THE PERMANENT SUPPORT OF ALL YOUR FAMILLY AND FRIENDS.
    Be a Lucky Sheen !!!! Go!go!go! Go ahead and Ride safe to the completion of your dream !!!
    See you soon.
    Bernard G.

  5. Hi Sheen,

    Even Lone Ranger has Tonto. I suppose you can call your bike Silver. But for Tonto, you just have to improvise, mate.

    When you’re loney and down remember this tune http://www.endeavorcomics.com/.....r/lone.wav It may cheer you up.

    “Hi-Yo, Silver!”

    Take care, buddy.


  6. Hi Sheen,
    Well mate, you are now well on your way with many adventures ahead no doubt. I am following your progress with great interest and a lot of admiration for you in taking on this amazing challenge, no support crew or film crew in their 4 X 4’s.
    Sheen, stay safe and look after that little F650, ‘cos I am sure it will look after you.


  7. Hi Sheen,

    You are doing well. Lovely pictures. Take Care, you are not alone, you are in our prayers. God is with you.

    Best Wishes.
    Mary Abraham

  8. here I am, back in france. Feels funny not to be on the bike anymore!! I had a great time and my head is full of all the beautiful places we saw!!The people we met were all very nice! It’s a great adventure you are doing and I am very proud of you.Luv.

  9. It’s a real joy to be able to share all your travel adventures and watching you realize your dreams. It makes me think about Alladin’s
    Theme Song which goes like this: I can show you the world….on a magic carpet ride….A whole new world….
    I hope you can find a magic lamp in Turkey.


  10. Hi Sheen, my girls are wondering what is Kuku Sheen doing in the computer! Told them that in 3 months’ time you will arrive in KL on your bike…cluessly Amber asked, why not by plane…It is easier and Kuku Sheen can sleep on the plane!!!
    Anyway, take care and we will pray for your safety.

    Alex,Nancy,Amber and Ruby Lim

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