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Current Location : Khon Kaen, Thailand (Google map)
Last entry date : 31/Jan/09

Bridge over the River Kwai

13/Jan/09 to 16/Jan/09

On 13/Jan Bjorn and I parted with a handshake from our bikes at a crossroad at Surat Thani (main city stop for overland tourists to the holiday islands of Ko Samui).

Next I headed north with “rough” arrangement to meet up with another rider called Len, who was making his way down from Bangkok, that evening in the city of Hua Hin. This Hua Hin was a dot on my map, but like most Thai cities, it’s big. Hey Len, if you’re reading this, I got to your hotel the next day but you had checked out. Btw, there are 2 hotels with the same name and I found the other one first. Hope to see you on the road ie maybe in Malaysia or Indonesia somewhere !!

I had an eye on getting to ChiangMai (everyone said that’s the place to visit) and my traveling range for the day after Hua Hin was either Bangkok or … well, why not Kanchanaburi – home of the Bridge over the River Kwai, made famous by the WWII movie based on a novel by French writer Pierre Boulle. I’m glad I did come here. Even though the bridge had been re-built, there is an aura about this bridge if you had seen the film. Today, tourists come here by busloads … And the place to be in this town before sunrise is the Kanchanaburi night market. Great atmosphere of the Thai. Must see.

And its here, as I took a right turn to find a budget guesthouse by the river that I saw 2 Dakars neatly parked up in front of a wooden house. I parked Kuda (my horse) next to theirs – so I met up with german bikers Holger & Anja who have been traveling the last 18 months. They’ve seen it, and still give themselves another 18 months to complete their round-the-world tour … or before the money runs out !!

We decided to ride together up north to ChiangMai or at least part of the way. The most scenic route was the route skirting the Myanmar border so off we went on 14/Jan munching up 500km of scenic country road on the 1st day and about 350km of winding road on the 2nd. This husband & wife riding team does impress me, stopping little and riding a lot. I tend to do the opposite when on my own. And make frequent stops when some food stalls show up – it is a lousy excuse, but I tend to call it the little pleasures in life. My new found german riders were apparently not prone to these temptations … We got good riding rhythm together and were soon not riding like hell, but like riders going somewhere …

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