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">The Warden (Twisted Minds #1)

Author: D.P. Tighe ISBN:
Pages: 131
Description: A fairly ordinary night for Alice, trying to conquer her current spate of writer’s block, and hammer out a sequel to a bestselling horror story, instead turns into a genuine horror story for her. Home alone, and waiting for her husband and adult children to return, Alice finds herself beset by strange happenings. As all of her family are besotted with horror, as well as playing horrific pranks on one another, at first she thinks these odd occurrences are just another series of those perpetrated by her prankster family members. Soon enough, she discovers she is dead wrong.
Now she’s waking up in an old asylum, and she’s about to become immersed in some truly heinous horrific games dreamed up and carried out by myriad deranged souls. This is The Warden’s domain, and Alice is about to find the fun horror pranks of her family have nothing on the sheer depravity unleashed within these old walls.
In terms of story, D.P. Tighe’s The Warden is an up-tempo, perversely creative, and twisted excursion into horrific realms, where a cast of intriguing and often abhorrent characters dwell. There are plenty of shocks in store, abundant moments that aren’t for the faint of heart, and an assortment of twists that keep things interesting. The author certainly has no shortage of imagination, and the descriptive prose detailing Alice’s plight as she’s cast into this brutal world where fighting for survival is key casts the reader deep into a harrowing place they wouldn’t want to be part of under any circumstances.
As this is the start of what will be a series (this is Twisted Minds book 1 after all), there is plenty of promise of more depravity and lunacy to follow in future books, so it will certainly be most intriguing to see what future realms of horror can be conjured up in ensuing instalments.
However, there are some things which unfortunately tend to cruel the flow and overall enjoyment of The Warden as a whole, which knocks down the star rating for this review a couple of notches. That mainly revolves around the editing, or in some parts, lack thereof. The author does make a note at the end of the book regarding this, and various reasons for not having the book professionally edited, which personally I feel would serve as indication that maybe this wasn’t quite ready for publication. A thorough editing pass or two would elevate the enjoyment or appreciation of what is otherwise a suitably twisted, imaginative descent into insanity.

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