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Last entry date : 03/Apr/09

Hello … from Vang Viang !!

From 28/Jan/09 to 30/Jan/09

… enjoy the photos, will fill in travel tales as soon as possible (… still working on how to get this done quickly while out on the road).

6 Responses to « Discovering Laos – from Luang Prabang to Ventiane »

  1. hey, beautiful main photo!! So did you try all the insect delicacy? See you soon, Lydia

  2. Siew Hoon & Victoria3 April 2009 à 8:15 pm

    The photos’re just beautiful !!!

    Siew Hoon.

  3. ….. last leg eh! I got to agree with everyone here about the photos ….. I am sure each depicts a storyline best to be only told by you! ?Did you actually lift yourself that high above the ground.

  4. Peter,

    Still in Melbourne, hard to get going as nice here at Lucille’s place.
    No photo tricks – the jump height is not bad considering my age.

  5. Hi Sheen,

    The place looks so quiet and peaceful like the kampung. The meals must have been very crunchy. I just wonder how that tastes like. I wish I could sleep like those pigs… I will also jump for joy when you reach Perth. Happy family reunion!

    Ride safely

  6. Hi Sheen,

    Really awesome and envy!

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