Volcano Country

Current location : Gattières, France

12/Mar/09 to 15/Mar/09 : from Surabaya up to Mt. Bromo, East Java

A rare sight : 2 active volcanoes in close proximity. Clockwise from left is Mt. Bromo  2329mtrs, Mt. Semeru 3676mtrs (highest mountain on Java), and the dormant Mt. Batok in the foreground. Read »

Current Location : Probolinggo, Java, Indonesia Last entry date : 14/Mar/09 Just wondering how I am going to get my bike into one of these narrow body longboats across the Mekong River into Laos on the other side From 24/Jan/09 to 25/Jan/09 Late Saturday afternoon is not a good time to attempt to cross the Mekong […]