Current Location : Samarinda, E.Kalimantan
Last entry date : 07/Mar/09

Scene at one of the rough section of the Tanjung Redeb to Sangata jungle road. Almost every vehicule that climbed this slope had to be pulled out. Great driver solidarity seen here.

From 27/Feb to 07/Mar/09

……… I know, I know I am a bit late to update this site with postings of my trials (since end Jan !!) into Laos, back to Thailand, Malaysia, into Singapore for repairs, then to Sabah in E. Malaysia. Well … meantime here’s some FLASH NEWS from East Kalimantan, Borneo.

Have not expected it to be so …. TOUGH to get into Borneo Indonesia from the Eastern side. No one expects a biker to come in. Those officials on duty for years don’t remember having seen one. Just as TOUGH once in (details later on).

Just got out today from 3 rough days of Borneo jungle road. It’s the meanest I’ve seen so far.

Meantime enjoy some of the photos I picked out. There are plenty more to come.