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Current Location : Dogubayazit, Turkey (Google map)
Last entry date : 03 May 2008

Ancient cave dwellings at Uchisar, Cappadocia

The bike’s odometer has clocked up 3500km since the start of the journey. We can’t lie, it does look like a holiday trip so far. Lydia and I have managed to make our way to some touristic places (and having plenty of good meals too). It has been fun. Now that I start to ride alone, do I begin my 350/500 km or 6/7 hrs straight ride each day to try to get to the Chinese border ?? No, not yet. Because every travel guide you read says the Cappadocia region in central Turkey is not to be missed if you’re visiting Turkey. So off I go, planning for a brief one night stop at Ankara to
meet Ozhan (Dr) & Ozge Unverdi, then to the Cappadocia.

It must be the Turkish hospitality. Some weeks earlier Ozhan had generously offered to put me up at his place if needed. We had exchanged a few messages earlier about bike travels on the net. As usual, once arriving inside a big city at night I got lost and Ozhan had to come fetch me at the Carrefour supermarket. Ozhan is a keen biker and is preparing to do a world tour one day (it makes my trip looks rather tame). The stay stretched to 2 days. We had a great time discussing bike and travel issues. They fed me and brought me out to visit Ankara. My friends Ozhan and Ozge.

I found that tea is free flowing in Turkey. Its all you can drink at the hotel. The petrol station boys will propose to offer a cup of tea when they see your tired eyes. Restaurants will offer you a cup of tea at the end of your dinner, etc. At one truckstop on the way to Urgup, Cappadocia, I had the dilemma of not knowing how to order and was looking at the neighbour’s food. Mr Phityar and Mr Habib, the truckers, asked me over to sit with them and offered to share their food. We talked in signs and at the end of that half hour, the restaurant manager refused my food bill as he says Mr Phityar has already taken care of it. Just imagine, I’m the stranger.

The travel brochures are accurate. Cappadocia is a beautiful region with very interesting history. The cave dwellings date to the 9th till 13th centuries. There are also underground cities of a few stories deep ((too bad I did not get to see one – had to stop to eat and by then it was too late to go to the next town). Its definitely worth to make a visit to this region. The Japanese and Korean tourists were there by busloads. Have a look at the photos of Cappadocia – its just amazing.

7 Responses to « Ankara & Cappadocia visit  »

  1. waouh sheen!!
    it’s so beautiful!!! too bad I wasn’t there with you…Maybe next time!
    ;)enjoy your trip, i’m sure you’ll see a lot of other nice places.luv, lydia

  2. Hello Sheen,
    Continue to make us dream! As Johanna said, your site is now websensed so successful it must be within SBM.
    Take care and all the bests to your family who must be very proud.

  3. Siew Hoon & Victoria3 May 2008 à 9:09 pm

    Hi- Sheen,
    Beautiful photos!!! Again, you’ve met nice people.
    Take care.
    Victoria is doing O.K. in Guatamala.

  4. Really, really nice. Your website is great. Everyone asks me about you. Take care!!

  5. annie jeanmichel erwan gwen4 May 2008 à 8:07 pm

    hello sheen
    superbes photos superbes paysages et superbes portraits
    il ne manque q une photo apres ton passage chez le coiffeur
    bonne route

  6. hi sheen,

    you really have nice blog and you take care of it very well. it was our pleasure to meet you and having a “friend” like you in our place. see you again here in Turkiye with your family one day.

    hope everything is ok in your journey.
    ride safe.

  7. Hello,

    I am a university student and I would like to use one of your images of the cave homes in Turkey for my work. Educational uses only. Please let me know if this would be ok.


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