Current Location : Perth, Australia
Last entry date : 18/Apr/09

On way to visit the Sleeping Buddha inside a Temple cave above a bay north of Prachuap Khirikhan.

From 30/Jan/09 to 06/Feb/09

…. enjoy the photos, will fill in the travel tales soon

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  1. Update To All (family, friends and supporters / visitors to this site):

    V.Happy to say I got through it and arrived at final destination Perth, Australia !! Total 32885km travelled since departure from Nice, France. A really great trip to have experienced.

    Ah, yes, yes (oui,oui) … will not forget to soon fill in travel tales and photos.


  2. Siew Hoon & Victoria18 April 2009 à 11:21 pm

    Beautiful photos !!
    Congratulations….you & kuda have made it safely to Perth, all the way fr. Nice.. Great job done !! You ‘ve achieved what you’d set out to do. The whole family is v. proud of you.
    Thanks again for sharing yr. interesting travel updates,also ,introducing us to so many beautiful people (their cultures) & countries.Great photos too.
    Wishing you & Lydia, Happy Reunion in Perth.Have fun…

    Siew Hoon.

  3. Hi Sheen,

    Wow! That’s an amazing picture of the sleeping Buddha! It’s so huge! Definitely a must see… Congrats again. You finally arrived. I’m so happy for you and your family.

  4. We are truly proud & happy of what you have done and gone through over the passed 1 year ….. a great achievement, something impossible for most of us! Congratulation!!


  5. Shabas !!

  6. Hi Sheen!

    Congratulations! What an achievement?! A dream come true after all these years! Next … maybe we may see a book coming out of this eh? 🙂 Enjoy and take care


  7. Just found your website. Nice pictures! U r real ADV rider!!!
    BTW, i just managed to cross the Nong Khai friendship bridge..but missed to capture the photo while crossing the bridge 🙁

    ride safely

  8. Une heureuse année et une très bonne santé a bientôt en Indonésie , Cédric Okti , Alice

  9. An aim in life is the only fortune worth finding.

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