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  1. it’s very well made, and I know how hard it was for you to choose among so many beautiful photos!! Love, Lydia

  2. Nicely done ….. like the song!

  3. Great job. Can’t wait for Slideshow video – part 2.

  4. Siew Hoon & Victoria16 January 2009 à 3:48 pm

    Hi- Sheen,
    I’ve enjoyed watching it, a few times already ! Thanks.
    Take care.
    Siew Hoon. 16th.January,2009.

  5. Hi Sheen!
    What else can’t you do? Great slide show!
    I love the music – eventho’ I dont understand a word of it.!
    Cant wait for the next installment!

    17 Jan 2009

    P.S. By the way, who is the singer! 🙂

  6. Update : Just arrived in Chiangmai following the full stretch of the Myanmar border. Great ride and area to make a test run.

    Judie, song title in video ‘On ira’ by Jean Jacques Goldman.
    – might have time for a blog update since bike need some repairs !!


  7. Hi Sheen and Lydia,

    That’s a nice song, better than any Classic Symphony I have heard before. It’s very appropriate.
    The countdown to the Year of the Ox has started and I am looking forward to our family reunion dinner. I’m sure you will be equally happy to reunite with your family in Malaysia.
    We will be spending the holiday at the A Famosa Zoo, so most likely won’t be able to see you in K.L.
    We wish you and your family a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year.

    From all of us,

    Goh, Teresa, Evelyn, Angela and Anthony

  8. Sheen,

    At which stage are you now ….. wonder you’ll be back in time for CNY dinner!

    Anyway, take your time and enjoy your trip …..

  9. Hello Peter,

    I now realised Thailand is so long in km north south. Also had a fall on one of the corners of NW Thailand. Just a scare, but bike took a week to be repaired in ChiangMai. So, unfortunately can’t come back in time for CNY. Will see you all on way down. Happy CNY !!

  10. Sheen,

    You just take care of yourself and take your time to complete this round. Like your update especially the pics! Happy New Year ….. also to you all Lydia, Jade, Pearl & Gem

  11. Hi Sheen,

    Just get your website. It’s great adventure. Keep going and take care.

    Hope Lydia is not missing you and the children too.

    It’s a pity you did not include Philippines in your route to Autralia.


  12. Hi Sheen,

    It is great to follow your further adventures. Your photos are wonderful. Glad to see from the video you are still using your tent.
    Very best wishes and stay safe. I look forward to the next instalment.


  13. Salut Sheen
    Toujours ausi bluffant !!!
    Bonne route

  14. Sheen,

    Speaking for all of us here ….. happy to know that you are in Melbourne! Keep your blog going ….. and take care.

  15. Hi Sheen,

    I want to say that I am very proud of you and what you have achieved over these past months. I am truly inspired by you and now I know, nothing is too impossible if you have set your mind to it!!!! So so proud of you…my brother!!!

  16. Thumbs up for Sheen!! Yes we are all very proud and glad all went well. You did it!! We knew you could! Lydia

  17. mikayap@penang motorrad18 October 2009 à 2:16 pm

    very exciting life….all the best!!!!

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