Current Location : Perth, Australia
Last entry date : 25/Apr/09

This cute little fella is Jarvis Leow. And he is ready to play !!

From 07/Feb/09 to 19/Feb/09

…  enjoy the photos, will fill in the travel tales soon

5 Responses to « Back in Malaysia and out to Singapore for quick repair job »

  1. congratulations, you have made it. see you again in jb.

  2. sheen boleh…………..

  3. long time no see. where are u know.. australia or france…

  4. Hi Lydia,

    We sat next to you on the flight from London to Singapore. I’ve just been looking at your husband’s fantstic journey. The stamina and endurance required to undertake such a trip is truelly amasing. I admire his sence of adventure. Well done.

    Are you back home in France yet?

    Tony & Julie

  5. Hello Sheen

    Ton retour en France ce passe comment?

    Bravo pour avoir realise ton reve et pour ton courage,a bientot amicalement Cedric OKTI

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